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Albero Verde

100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made in Italy

Our trees

Centuries old trees produce fruit of a distinct character and quality, combined with Albero Verde's unique setting -- situated between two seas -- give Albero Verde's Extra Virgin Olive Oil unparalleled flavors and one that can only is highly specific..


Our flavor

Cold pressed in traditional old-world mills in Puglia, Italy Albero Verde's our one-hundred percent Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is made from only the finest Ogliarola olives. Situated between both the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea, the cool morning breeze helps account for our unique flavor profile, which has been described as a full on the palate; a pleasant mixture of smooth sweetness, a hint of pleasant bitters, and a peppery, spicy finish. A truly unique finishing oil for the most discerning palates. 


About us

Albero Verde has been a labor of love. Through our shared love of the process, our relationship with the farmers and a belief that good cuisine is the sum total of the best ingredients, what began as a fun project for family and friends has blossomed into something much more than we ever imagined. We couldn't be more excited to share these flavors with you.


Blake & Daria Greenbaum 



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